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Superhero with Iconic Bond Technology - Fast Lash Extension Adhesive / Lash Glue

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This SUPERHERO glue has the best retention on the market and significantly helps to reduce time and amount of work with your touch-ups. For humid climates or in the summer may require a dehumidifier. RECOMMENDED for DRY CLIMATES  and for advanced artists that work very quickly.


Superhero Iconic Bond Adhesive is recommended for advance lash artists that work in low humidity. This adhesive works best in humidity between 25%-45% and temperature between 69-72 °F. Recommended humidity and temperature for optimum results: 40% humidity and 70-72°F. For low to moderate humidity, incorporate Glue Aid to help speed up dry time.


  • Retention - 7-8 weeks
  • Viscosity - Thin
  • Color - Seamless Black
  • Fumes - Minimal
  • Structure - Flexible


Dry Time(s): 25-45% Humidity (1 sec), 45-60% Humidity (0.5 sec), 60% Humidity (Immediately; not recommended)


Shelf Life: Opened bottles: 30 days ; Unopened bottles: 6 months

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