Noah Armstrong


I continuously further my knowledge by attending courses and traveling regularly to meet with industry leaders, top artists, and brand professionals. I share my lash knowledge and business experience with my students and the Mariposa team. 

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Borboleta Education Partner

I love the packaging + branding of Borboleta products. Just beautiful! But more seriously, their products have outstanding quality. And the culture of their company is welcoming and professional.
I knew I wanted to partner with BorboletaPro when I was introduced to their education platform. It is constantly changing and advancing to keep students learning the latest techniques and styles.
I love being part of their education family. I feel like I have a community where we can share ideas and grow.


I feel as though I fell into educating. I started by training those I wanted to add to the Mariposa team. For the first few years, I didn't train with a specific lash brand's education; I taught based on my experience with techniques, products and what built me a clientele.

After years of having lashing my sole focus, countless continuing education courses, and licensing I've grown to have the education platform Mariposa has today.

Mariposa Academy certifies students at our training center in group course and one-on-one private training. As well as partnering with beauty schools around Montana and Wyoming.

Noah has trained, certified + been mentored by?

I regularly travel to meet industry leaders, top lash artists, and brand professionals to bring the latest to MT. Here are a few:

  • Borboleta Pro
  • Lash BoxLA
  • LivBay Lash
  • Lightheart Lash
  • Lash Guy Pro
  • Lanna Lashes
  • Yegi Lash
  • Nova Lash
  • Glad Lash
  • Vanity Lash Lounge
  • Elleebana

MARIPOSA Lash Lounge

In 2016 I made a career change from a plastic surgery clinic in Seattle to working independently. I started in Billings with a rented studio where I provided skin care treatments and lash extensions.

A year later, we moved to our current location, expanding the business to a full-service salon. Over the following years lashing became the focus and in 2021 Mariposa became an exclusive lash lounge. During this process, I had to accept that a lot of time and financial investment I made to pursue a career in skin care was going to be set aside. There was a risk and hesitation, but the more I focused on lashes, the more I fell in love with working in a relatively new industry that is constantly expanding with new products, styles, and personalities. 

I am so proud of how Mariposa has grown to have 15 independent lash pros, a lash academy and pro supply shop.

Why a single focus on lashes?

My lashing career started like most artists; I wasn’t great! And I didn’t really know what I was doing even after I took my first course. But after countless hours of practice, research, and deciding to make lashes my sole focus, I improved. I fell in love quickly with the response I was getting from clients. I offered a luxury service that enhanced their natural beauty and provided instant confidence. Whereas clinical skin care and plastic enhancement clients had to wait to see the results they were seeking.

Paige Davis


I am a dedicated Lash Artist + Educator, starting my lash career nearly 6 years ago. I have continuously attended lash courses over the years while also traveling with Noah to meet with top lash artists and industry leaders. Being part of the Mariposa Academy has taught me the importance of spreading my knowledge and love for this industry.

My experience with clients, working in a team environment, in a private studio, and my pursuit in education is what sets me apart as a Lash Educator.

You can reach me at 406-371-1413 to schedule your training date

Need more info on courses? Wanting a private training or are you a school/salon wanting me to host at your location?